Stop and Breathe


NOV, 2018

This weeks theme explained:

If I’m totally honest, my theme changed around 30 minutes before I was due to leave and teach my first class this week.

Why? Because I decided to tell people what I needed to hear myself.

The beginning of last week was a tough one for me, my practice was dwindling and my anxiety went through the roof. (which brought me back to the reason I started yoga in the first place.) I was always saying yes, slowly burning myself out, and if I was totally honest with myself. I wasn’t happy.

This wasn’t the life I signed up for, (sound familiar) I didn’t quit cabin crew just to make my life another autopilot waiting for the one day off a week I’ve given myself. I had to slow down. I had to tell myself:

Stop and Breathe

I believe everyone in some way can relate to this reality. We all tend to live for others in order to attain a fulfilled life.

Whether you’re chasing success, a promotion, a stable income, a nice house, your child’s education or perhaps someone’s approval we are all looking for that next moment, rushing our days in order to get there.

We get so caught up in the factory wheel we find ourselves in we forget take time to stop and analyse what we are actually doing. We are missing so many moments, and at what costs?

This week was all about taking that time, building that awareness to really reflect on your life and analysis what effect it may be having, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Bringing it to practice…

As you can imagine this class was centred around the breath.


I used my favourite pranayama Sama Vritti Pranayama to start the class.  Also known as Equal Breath, Sama Vritti helps ground the students and relieves any stess or tension in the nerves.

Hint: Start with a count of 4, observe students ability (are their shoulders lifting? are they struggling?) Then maybe extend to 6 depending of these factors


During this flow class I purposefully removed any gaps for child pose. I used the poses themselves for people to catch their breath. Trying to make them aware of how much they were rushing and missing the point, poses like Warrior 2 were lengthened and students were asked to come back to the breath they had at the start, to become aware of the postures themselves.

I Also ended each half round in Tadasana, asking each student to close their eyes, resist the erge to fidget and finally to slow down and reconnect to the breath. Why? I feel Tadasana is such a statement pose. I myself feel so powerful when standing in it and I wanted my students to feel the same; to see the power in themselves.


At the end of class bring awareness to the breath. Tell students to take time in their day to do the same, to not live on autopilot but bring themselves back to the moment, to analysis what they are doing and why they are doing it – and most importantly whether that’s a good enough excuse!

In Life…


Please read that again.

Life should be a dance, a celebration and we all get too wrapped up in the seriousness of ourselves I think we forget this.

Take time this week for yourself. To analysis where you are.

Know that its okay to cancel a commitment. That its also okay to say NO, when saying Yes might cost you so much.

You cannot serve from an empty vessel


Please let me know if you use this theme or find it useful.

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Peace and Love