This course was designed with the freelancer and small business in mind. In the online world today there seems to be more focus on the quantity of followers rather than the quality of what you do. This is what I wish to combat with this course.

Showing all of you who take this course that you do not need a huge following to use social media to your advantage.

More than just a self study course, you will be fully supported on your journey with me through our private facebook group full of like minded professionals:

During our time together we will be looking at:

  • Building a personal brand and discovering your objectives
  • Gaining a more in depth insight into your values as a professional
  • How to establish yourself in the online community
  • An overview of the main platforms: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram
  • Self auditing your currents efforts and establishing your intentions
  • The golden rules of content creation and getting the most out of it!
  • A detailed insight into paid ads and email marketing
  • Actionable steps on putting this knowledge into action! 

Each module is designed to help empower each and everyone of you to step into your own light.