INVERTED – Handstand


Why choose this Ebook?

After doing my research I noticed how vague some of these eBooks can be.
Never to be someone who does things by halves, I’m trying to give you a fully comprehensive scope of all thing’s handstands.
You’ll find not only pictures and explanations but links to video demonstrations to help you on your way.

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What you can expect to learn:

·         How to efficiently warm up the body and wrists for handstands to prevent injuries.

·         Alignment breakdown – understanding what specifically YOU would need to work on to improve your skills.

·         How to enter and exit safely including spotting your partner.

·         Common problems and how to deal with them.

·         Strength and conditioning for the body.

·         How to effective release, stretch and counterbalance the body after all that practice.

Sound Good?


Peace and Love


SJ x