MAY, 2018

You haven’t got to be the best, you have to be you.

Last night I removed all my 2018 “goals” off of my vision board and replaced it with one sentence.

Who was I in competition with? – Myself, and do you know how tiresome that is! The reason:


For the past week I have been sick with a head cold. I was still getting up to try and push myself, not wanting to loose strength or to loose momentum, but at what cost?

I’m a firm believer of whatever is happening inside, given enough energy will eventually manifest on the outside. This is exactly what’s happened to me.
All the pressure I have been putting on myself literally manifesting in my head and sinuses everyday for a week and I’m sick of it.

Yes it’s good to push, to strive to be a better you and to have discipline is a different story. These things are positive aspects that our mental output can achieve. Pressure however can be (if were not careful) the negative side effect as it comes with expectations and attachments; it comes with a bench mark of measurable success set at a certain standard.

But to who’s standard exactly? Why do we do this to ourselves? Is the pressure due to what we want or is it simply how we want to be viewed? Are we scared of judgement, failure; or do we simply want to be “The Best”?

I’ve realised it’s not about having to be the best, yes we all want to succeed but at what cost? How are we measuring that success?  by things, by status, by how many followers we have on Instagram? I can guarantee what we will all find more rewarding is finding who we are, finding our voice and standing in front of the world with confidence in own our purpose. Because you can go be successful, you can make your millions, you can buy your cars, your fancy holidays and have millions of followers hanging on to your every word. But all this will mean NOTHING if you are not being true to you, if you are hiding being a mask that the pressure made you wear from the start.

This blog is being written because my yoga teacher training is coming to an end and my life will ultimately make a shift. I can quite literally feel the energy of this behind me. Fact is I don’t want the pressure I’m putting on myself to make this “work”  ruining the beauty of following my heart.

If we are all just doing exactly that (following our hearts), why all the stress if it doesn’t work out the way we planned or imagined?

What is truly liberating, what the universe is responding to is the call of your heart, your call to freedom, to being you. What if the world has planned something more magnificent than your ideals; but you’re grasping so hard at a certain route you cannot let the unimaginable in?

So this blog is me taking a vow, right now to keep following my heart without the added pressure of making things turn out a certain way, of letting this path unfold before me with wonder.

Who’s with me?


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Peace and Love