DEC, 2018

Okay so this week was pretty manic for me. Winding down and getting ready for my Christmas break I have to confess.

I had no theme of the week. And I told my students this. Rather than forcing, rather than giving them some half soaked Schpeel I didn’t believe in I asked them to just reflect on this year that’s passed.

I do however have something I wish to share. A post I posted on Instagram and a bit of writing I had no idea would have such an impact.

Honestly I’m just repeating it here so I too have a copy of it forever and can be reminded of these words:

“Some weeks there seems to be a common theme unexpectedly running through my life.”

This week I’ve been constantly reminded and reciting myself a favourite line from a book that changed my life:

“I Have Sent You Nothing But Angels”

– NDW, Conversations with god

Like a majority of yoga journeys. Mine started with a broken heart – something I haven’t put out on the gram as I never wanted to play the victim. Not only was my heart broken, I lost everything that held me secure in Dubai and over the course of the relationship that ended I had lost myself too. I was a shell of a human and felt so weak.

Enter yoga and I was slowly starting to feel myself worthy again and connecting to my being.

I decided I had to do everything on my own, to build my own life and be responsible for everything in it.

It’s only been this past year I’ve realised what bull that was.

I never did it on my own, and even in the depths of my sadness I never was on my own. Which was ironic because at the time loneliness was crippling!

These past few days I’ve been super aware of all of my angels. And I’m not talking about spirits or fairies, I’m talking about the ones who are right here on earth with me. The people that have carried me through my bad times, all my teachers I’ve learnt so much from. My friends and acquaintances who may or may not still be around. And recently my students and you guys for your constant support.

But it doesn’t end there.

Even the people who brought me pain are my blessings, the ones who showed me what still hurt in order to heal, the snotty costumers at emirates who taught me patience, even the people who pushed me into areas of myself I wouldn’t of known existed without their annoyances.

Every person, every connection has a gift to be discovered, we are all connected; and all just walking each other home.

So if you are reading this, and feeling alone in this world, I see you. I have been where you are, and whether you can see it or not you are surrounded by light, by angels just like I was/am and only in time you’ll come to realize a crucial fact.

You are being held.

Happy holidays if you celebrate. I’ll be back in January with a new theme of the week.

Peace and Love