JUN, 2017

Here it is:

My First Post

Why start blogging? Well maybe I should explain why I didn’t start this sooner:

1- I never considered myself as much of a writer. I struggle to spell and after  getting standard grades at school from “not applying myself” I suppose the label school gave just stuck.

2- I never thought people would care much as to what I have to say. But I’m getting to the stage in life now where I’m fully accepting who I am and what I want to be and I’m not writing this for those people. Truth is I have carried a journal around with me for the last 6 years scribbling my thoughts and opinions, does that not make me a writer? Why do I need some established label to actually publish my words for people to see.

Also I stopped caring, the main reason I’m here is to document my thoughts and life, and if I manage to inspire or to give someone some positivity in their daily life then that is more than I ever imagined.

So here goes…:

One day in April, after a long day at work travelling to India and rushing to make a hair appointment. I decided to take myself on a date. Two iced coffees, one acai berry bowl and finishing a book that quite possibly is the catalyst for this website. I decided that I’m going to write. It was literally one of those epiphany moments you read about. On my way home with all these thoughts and drafts running through my head I had the basis for what I promised myself would be my first post..

A note to all you 20 somethings (myself included)

Fall in love with your life. Be gentle with yourself. Take yourself on dates. Stay in bed all day if you want too. Stop being so cautious with money, if you want too spend £50 on a new bikini then do it! – Do not feel guilty about it either, money comes and goes but your body won’t look this hot forever . Enjoy it, embrace it, eat that cake if it’s tempting you. Just do yourself a favour and stop counting the calories. True beauty lies with the people who are most at one and accepting of themselves and their bodies – oh and here’s an idea how about your start cherishing that too! USE your body, get too know and look after it. It truly is a gift, a tool which we are given in order to experience life.

EXPERIENCE – There’s another magic word. experience as much as you can. It really is the SOUL reason we are on this planet – so say yes to life’s adventures, even if they scare you  never know what might come out of them. These are the experiences that teach us so much about ourselves. Our opportunities to grow. Fear is crippling and only stops you from vibrating higher and realising your full potential.

Do something for you everyday, express gratitude and each night before you sleep think of at least three things that has made you happy.

Be whoever and whatever you want to be. Stop caring about what others think. Who cares if they don’t like you? Most people are struggling to like themselves. Follow whatever excites your spirit. Passion is the true language of the soul.

Stop waiting for you life to “take off” it’s already started, you’re so far into this beautiful journey, just wake up! be here now; in this moment and appreciate where you are. The present is all there ever is.

Most Important of all:

HAVE FAITH – Stop fucking worrying, it gives you bad skin and grey hair. What’s the worse thing that can happen? Most of the experiences we ourselves label as “bad” turn into the biggest blessings or lessons in our life. Our turning points. Be grateful for them for they test you, giving you opportunity to grow, reset and really know WHO YOU ARE.

Remember no one in this world has it figured out. But somehow all the little twists and turns, every one of the chapters that is your story come together and suddenly it all makes perfect sense. You understand that everything you’ve been through had to happen in order to bring you too this moment. Just the way it should be.

So on your down days practice patience – it’s all part of the plan:



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