JUNE, 2017

Life Moment

I started my teacher training last month in Dubai and I felt this life moment needed too be documented.

The past year has been transformational for me. One constant steady in my life has been my practice. At times the only thing keeping me grounded and quiet literally holding me together. I knew very quickly on that yoga was for me; that I “found my jam.” I wanted to give back, to inspire people and enable people to have what yoga has given me. This would eventually be my way of helping people, living a life fulfilled.

I found myself wanting so badly to pursue my dreams (patience has never been my fortay). I was pushing, searching for the quickest way too get there. When work was offering unpaid leave I was sure that this was it! the way I was going too get my RYT-200. But ofcourse I was denied three times for the month off I so desparatly wanted.

What was my resolve?

I decided I would quit my job and commit myself to a month in India training and  just see what happens after that, let the chips fall where they may so to speak. Being honest with myself the thought scared me for finally, with the help of my yoga therapy and new ways of thinking I was accepting of where I was in life. Most of all I was so grateful for what I had in life and really enjoying my job and the benefits it offered. After all my second passion next to yoga has always been Travel. But I felt I had to sacrifice one for the other.

THE TURN OF FATE – “ When the student is ready the teacher will appear ”

With my head set on 4 more months in Dubai, but my heart putting off all the preparations needed. I logged onto facebook (god love the 21st century) and there was an add: 200 hour YTT right here in Dubai. It was part time, taking one year too complete. and it was training with a teacher I knew and admired. It was also training in the yoga styles I wish too teach. Not only did I see this ad but I found it getting sent too my WhatsApp through a few of my friends. I mean did I need anymore signs!! IT WAS PERFECT! I thanked that higher power for sending it too me. Yes it would take longer but that’s one of the reason why it made perfect sense. It was a journey, a year of more transformation. It was a year for me too commit to my dream, but also a year too commit to myself. I could still work, doing a job I enjoyed and the benefits of cheap travel and awesome holidays. Most importantly it gave me time to really savour the process, to really embrace what I was learning and embed it into brain and my life. I cannot believe how perfectly it fits, I wonder now why I was so stressed, worrying and forcing when all I had too do what trust the timing of my life.

The Verdict

This month saw me completing the first two modules of the course. Every single cell in my body is still screaming that this is the right choice and way of training for me. I cannot believe the knowledge I have gained and how much more stronger I feel within my practice. I’ve broke down barriers and limits I never knew were restricting me, and filling that space I have created with new understanding. Most of all, I have never felt so light, and so open. some days I actually feel I’m taller than I once was.

The Lesson

It just shows when you want something so bad, life will always have a way of making it happen all you have too do is dream and ask. It may not be the way you imagined but you’ll always get what’s best for you.


Let go of expectations, exercise patience & trust in the universe

Never forget that the planet is ALWAYS spinning on time.


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Peace and Love